Frequenstly Asked Questions

[+] What is the Tulip Ride?
[+] How do I join the Tulip Ride?
[+] Where do I get the cool Tulip Ride clothing?
[+] If it's raining, will the ride be canceled?
[+] What if I don't ride? Can I still support the Tulip Ride?
[+] I used to buy a ticket for the ride. Are you not selling tickets?
[+] Can any type of bike or rider join the Tulip Ride?
[+] Is my donation tax deductible?
[+] Will my donation be matched by my employer?
[+] Can I support the Tulip Ride from outside of the Pacific Northwest?
[+] Is there no central event like in past years?
[+] What about the celebrities? Will they be riding?
[+] How do I get a Tulip Ride pin?
[+] I still have questions. How can I contact the Tulip Ride?