$55,000 raised!

2018 was a Tulip Ride for the record books.

This donation is placed on behalf of every person who rode, attended, donated, sponsored, or volunteered to help make 2018 a record year of helping save lives and complete families as Seattle Humame connects animals in need with loving, permanent homes throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to the many people and businesses who showed compassion and kindness to animals through their support of the 2018 Tulip Ride...


Blazing Bagels, for hosting our meet-up with the best breakfast in town.

Eastside Harley-Davidson, for years of support including rentals and gear prizes.

RoozenGaarde Tulip Farms, for hosting us at their amazing tulip fields.

Celebrity Riders:

Battlestar Galactica
"Caprica 6"
Battlestar Galactica
Lethal Weapon
The Bender & Molly Show
106.1 KISS FM

2018 VIP
Road Captians:

The Belanger Family
The Friedman Family
The Henshaw Family, in loving memory of Pepper
The Loewe Family
Bita S. Brent R. Charles E. Dorien V. Elaine H.
Evelien V. Greg F. James L. Jeff A. Jeff H.
Ken B. Lauren H. Lorien F. Marta S. Megan C.
Michael P. Michelle F. Mike W. Peter H. Rico M.
Robert S. Stacey M. Todd E. William C.


Chris David Janet Kate Jeff Mike
Ryan Sandra Shayne Walter Wendy

Pack Leads:

David, Garrett, Mike, Scott, Claudette, and Anthony

Donors, and

Adrian D. Alice W. Allison S. Amber M. Anna B.
Anne To. Anne Tu. Anthony Bl. Anthony J. Antony Bu.
Arjun V. Artur S. Becky I. Beth P. Bobby K.
Brandie D. Brian H. Carla G. Carla M. Cheryl H.
Chris G. Chris R. Daniel D. David Ca. David Ch.
David H. David M. David S. Dax H. Debra B.
Diana H. Diego M. Doug E. Elizabeth S. Erik O.
Evan W. Frank M. Ganesh Poomal G. Gerard W. Gilbert B.
Gregory H. Harper G. Indra T. James R. Jason G.
Jasper L. Jeff P. Jeffrey M. Jennifer C. Jennifer D.
Jennifer N. Jiang W. Joe D. Joe H. Joel S.
John C. John H. John T. John W. Jose M.
Julie S. Kaarthiga M. Karen G. Karen P. Kayla E.
Keith M. Ken H. Kenneth D. Kevin B. Kinsey O.
Kostiantyn S. Kyle C. Kyong M. Lee C. Leo C.
Lisa S. Maki S. Maris F. Marisa R. Mark P.
Marlo R. Mary H. Matthew B. Mike D. Mike R.
Nancy B. Nanette H. Pamela P. Pamela W. Pedrito M.
Penelope G. Phil P. Raj S. Rex S. Rich L.
Richard B. Richard L. Robert D. Rose H. Sam S.
Sarah K. Scott D. Scott H. Scott R. Shane F.
Skylar I. Stacy L. Stephanie C. Stephanie F. Stephanie K.
Steven C. Susan G. Tashhir W. Thad B. Thomas H.
Thomas M. Travis H. Vince D. Vlad S. William H.
Yoshi T. Zainab H. William J.

thanks to:

J and L BBQ, Matt Flinn State Farm Insurnace, The Redmond Police Department, The Comstock Law Firm, Backfire Moto

Details for the 2019 Tulip Ride are coming soon. Watch this space!