We rode together and raised over $40,000 to help animals!

2016 was an incredible year for Tulip Riders. Together, we raised over $40,000 for the Seattle Humane Society! This donation is placed on behalf of every person who rode, attended, donated, sponsored, or volunteered to make the Tulip Ride great. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU!

Because of YOU...

The 2016 Tulip Ride was possible because so many people and businesses showed compassion and kindness to animals through their support of the ride. While there are always too many people to thank, we're going to take a shot at it!

Sponsors: Compassionate Local Companies

Blazing Bagels, for generously hosting our meet-up and the best breakfast in town.
Eastside Harley-Davidson, for years of support including rentals and gear prizes.
RoozenGaarde Tulip Farms, for hosting us at their amazing tulip fields.

Celebrity Riders

They aren't just the stars of our favorite movies, TV, and radio shows. They're also some of the most giving motorcyclists on the planet!

Battlestar Galactica
Acting Outlaws
"Caprica 6"
Battlestar Galactica
Acting Outlaws
"Dr. Leonard
'Bones' McCoy"
Star Trek
The Bender & Molly Show
106.1 KISS FM

Tulip Ride Volunteers

This team works year-round to make the Tulip Ride fun and safe for all of us!

Chris David Glen Janet Jeff
Mike Ryan Shayne Walter Wendy

2016 VIP Road Captains

Adam Gaspic,
Gasser Customs
Andy & Rebecca C. Brent R. Cat F.
Chris S. Daryl W. Dave & Mary H. Evelien & Dorien V.
Greg & Lorien F. Jason G. Jeff A. Kate E. & Sandra S.
Kevin A. Leslie G. Michelle F. Tony B.
Walter S. & Bita S. William & Megan C. Zach E.

Riders, Passenngres, Donors, and Attendees

The Friedman Family
The Henshaw Family
The Loewe Family
The Belanger Family
Aaron M. Aaron W. Adam A. adam g. Adrian B.
Alan S. Andrew B. Andrey A. andy c. Andy H.
Angela F. Ankur A. Ann L. Anne T. Anthony J.
Antony B. Arielle C. Arjun A. Athina M. Austin T.
Barbara H. Ben P. Benjamin T. blake l. Bob H.
Bob K. Bobby K. Brad H. Brandon K. Brent Re.
Brent Ro. Brian W. Brittany D. Brittany C. Carey M.
Carol R. Carrie W. Cat F. Charlie B. Charlotte B.
Charlotte C. Cheryl H. Chris S. Christi L. Christina H.
Christopher B. Christopher M. Corey O. Curt H. Dan C.
Dana G. Daryl W. Dave A. David He. David Hu.
David K. David S. David Wi. David We. Dax H.
Dianna M. DIEGO M. Don and Nancy M. Donald W. Donna S.
Dorien &. Evelien V. Doug E. Dustin C. Elaine H. Eleanor F.
Elena D. Elizabeth J. Elizabeth S. Eric B. Erik C.
Erik M. Erza M. Evan W. Evelien V. Fiona S.
G P. Gerard W. Greg F. Greg T. Gus C.
Harish I. Herrick S. hiranmay p. Howard P. Jackie B.
Jacobus S. Jake T. James C. James D. Jared R.
Jason G. Jassen K. Jeff A. Jeff P. Jeffrey L.
Jeffrey M. jeffrey T. Jennifer L. Jiang W. Joan F.
Joanie K. John Co. John Cr. john v. John W.
Joseph H. Josie Cr. Julie S. Karen P. Kasey F.
Kate E. Ken H. Kento L. Keri S. Kevin A.
Kevin B. Keya K. KRISTEN P. Kristina N. Kristy P.
Laura W. Laura K. LAUREN P. Leo Del C. Leslie G.
Lester E. Lisa Si. Lisa Sc. Logan D. Lorien F.
Lynn A. Lynn C. Marc S. Marco A. Margarett H.
Maria M. Mark T. Marlo M. Mary H. Megan C.
Melinda C. Michael M. Michael S. Michelle D. Michelle F.
Michelle H. Michelle M. Mike G. Mike P. Mike W.
Nanette H. Nathaniel A. Neda K. Nicholas E. Nikholas T.
Nikolaos C. Pablo C. Pablo G. Paul D. Paul L.
Paul M. Paul R. Peter B. Peter Ha. Peter Hi.
Phil P. Ping G. Pravin Kumar B. rebecca c. Rene R.
Rene T. Rex S. Rich L. Richard La. Richard Li.
Richard N. Richard T. Robert L. Robert S. Rose H.
Ruslan B. S Max M. Sam S. Sandeep K. Sandra S.
Sarah D. Scott H. Scott R. Scott S. shannon b.
Skye G. Sophie M. Stephen T. Steve P. Terry N.
Tiana T. Tiffany O. Timothy A. Titus M. Todd E.
Todd H. Tom L. Tony O. Torrey P. Tracy M.
Walter F. Wendy A. J. Will L. Will M. William C.
Zach E. Zach M.