Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tulip Ride?
The Tulip Ride is an annual guided motorcycle ride that raises money for the Humane Society of Seattle/King County. Last year, over 350 bikers and their passengers raised $50,000 for the Humane Society!

The Tulip Riders gather at Blazing Bagels in Redmond, Washington and ride to the Skagit Valley's RoozenGaarde Tulip Farm where they will enjoy a BBQ lunch before touring the Tulip Fields.

The riders will be joined by celebrity guest riders for photographs before and during the ride.

The lucky 25 riders who purchased a ticket at the VIP "Road Captain" level will gather for an exclusive dinner with the celebrities and the Tulip Ride team.

What is the date/time for the Tulip Ride?
See our Route / Intinerary page for the Tulip Ride start time and location.

Can I follow the ride in a car, or drive my car to meet up with you?
No. Our packs of motorcycles are kept together by volunteer pack leads, and we have reserved motorcycle-only parking in private areas at both Blazing Bagels and Roozengaarde Tulip Farm. If you want to drive a car to the Tulip Fields, please do so outside of the Tulip Ride.

What if I don't ride? Can I still support the Tulip Ride?
Yes! We offer both breakfast-only and just-donate options on our registration page. You can also sign up at our highest level - VIP Road Captain - and attend the dinner that night without having to ride.

Due to heavy motorcycle traffic, Tulip Ride car/truck vehicle parking cannot be accommodated on ride day.

How much does the Tulip Ride cost?
There are several levels of admission to the Tulip Ride:

  • Rider + Motorcycle
  • Passenger Only
  • VIP Road Captain (includes private VIP dinner with celebrities after the ride)
Pricing details are on the Tulip Ride registeration page.

When do tickets go on sale and how do I purchase them?
Tickets are on sale now! You can purchase them online on our registration page here. Please be aware that VIP Road Captain registrations are limited to 25 people and will sell out fast.

Can I buy tickets at the ride?
Yes, you can buy tickets at the ride. However, we can only take cash (exact change, please). Walk-up purchasers may get a goodie bag and commemorative pin, but we may run out. To guarantee all of the extras, please register in advance at

Can any type of bike or rider join the Tulip Ride?
Absolutely! We welcome all bikes, and riders of all skills. You'll encounter everything from cruisters to sport bikes to freeway-capable scooters on the Tulip Ride. We love to welcome new riders to group events. You'll be in the company of friendly helpful riders all day.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. Your donation technically goes to Seattle Humane Society. We attribute all donations to the name of the donor about 2 weeks after the ride ends. For information about SHS's tax exemption status, please see their site.

Will my donation be matched by my employer?
Microsoft will match employee donations (registeraions). When you buy your tickets, you'll see a brief survey after checkout that collects information that we use to follow up with you after the ride. We work closely with the Microsoft //GIVE team to ensure that all qualified Microsoft employee donations are matched. Please watch your corporate email inbox for matching instructions after the ride date.

If you work for another employer who matches gifts, please let us know via email and we'll provide you with a receipt to request that your employer match the gift directly to Seattle Humane Society about two weeks after the ride.

If it's raining, will the ride be canceled?
No. We ride in rain or shine. The only exception is if weather is forecast that would make the ride unsafe, we'll cancel it to put safety first.

Can I travel from afar and join the ride? Are rental motorcycles available?
Absolutely! We see riders travel from many states, European countries, and as far away as New Zealand each year. We have partnered with both Eastside Harley Davidson and Eagle Rider Seattle rentals to make rental motorcycles available for out-of-town Tulip Riders.

Are motorcycle clubs welcome at the Tulip Ride?
In support of Seattle Humane Society, we welcome every rider to join us. Feel free to wear colors, and know that multiple clubs will be represented in the spirit of giving back to our community through charity.

How can my company sponsor items for your rider gift bags?
We love participation from motorcycle-centric companies. Please contact for details.

What should I bring on the Tulip Ride?
he most important thing to bring along is your smile and desire to have a great time supporting a great cause!

Other items that are helpful:

  • Appropriate riding gear for a variety of weather. Remember, this is the Puget Sound in April.
  • Some cash or a debit card. We provide lunch, but you might want morning breakfast (discounted!).
  • A camera and pen/autograph item if you're interested in the celebs.
  • A printout of our ride map, just in case you need to find your own way up. We do guide packs up, but it's good to know the route.
  • Your appetite! We serve up some amazing BBQ for lunch!
Everyone who is riding should also bring:
  • A valid drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement appropriate to the bike you'll be riding.
  • Registration or rental agreement for your bike as required by WA state law.
  • Proof of insurance as required by WA state law.

Can I bring my own pet to Tulip Ride events?
No, personal pets / animals must be left at home. The Tulip Ride is focused on supporting the Seattle Humane Society, who brings their MobileMax van with adoptable animals to Tulip Ride venues. We want to help those animals get adopted by focusing attention on them. They'll be available for photo ops with the celebs, petting sessions, and more. Additionally, the motorcycles can be quite loud and may spook otherwise docile pets. As cute as your cats, birds, dogs, ferrets, iguanas, and other pets might be, let's help animals in need get adopted on Tulip Ride weekend by maintaining a strict no-personal-pets policy. Thank you.

Are you doing a film screening the day after the ride this year?
No, we're putting 100% of our energy into making this an awesome fundraiser motorcycle ride/rally. Anyone is welcome to join us, whether you ride or not (see below).

I signed up just to see one of the celebrities that is planning to attend. Are appearances guaranteed?
Our celebrity riders join the Tulip Ride each year out of their shared love for giving back to our community, and their love for riding. While they make every effort to attend, sometimes scheduling conflicts get in the way. Movie and television filming schedules are very dynamic and it is possible that our celeb riders may have to miss a ride one year, often with little notice. We will tweet and update our site as soon as we learn of changed plans. We do not normally refund registrations in these cases, because registrations are donations to charities. Please register for the ride in the spirit of giving, and consider celebrity appearances as added bonuses. If you are concerned about celebrity appearances or feel like you should be refunded, please email to inquire.

What if my question isn't answered here?
Just email us and we'll get right back to you.